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The goal of acupuncture is to promote and restore the balance of energy, which flows throughout the body. The benefits of acupuncture can extend to a wide variety of conditions.

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Manipulation-Under Anesthesia (MUA)

Spinal manipulation under anesthesia is a noninvasive, multidisciplinary procedure that may relieve chronic back and neck pain when other treatments have been ineffective.

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MedX Lumbar & Cervical Extension

MedX Rehab is recognized as the gold standard for treating and reducing back and neck pain and dysfunction. For the first time, the patient is able to address the real cause of pain.

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Automobile Injuries

There is an increasing range of injury due to "minor" traffic accidents that impair, disable, and generally bring undeservered pain to millions of people.

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About Chiropractic Health Center

Good health is a state which cannot occur if there is a disturbance to nerve energy channels. The nerve impulses must flow freely from brain cells to tissue cells so that the glands, muscles, and organs may function normally.

Falls, accidents, and mishaps may cause a verterbral subluxation complex, which among other things, may result in a slight displacement or fixation of a vertebra and disc, which could partially interfere with normal functioning nerve channels.

Chiropractors are specialists in locating and adjusting this spinal cause of many health problems.

We will endeavor to clear your nerve channels with the proper spinal adjustments given at the proper time.

Don’t be in a hurry! No chiropractor can perform miracles. Reducing a vertebral subluxation and the resistant realignment of the skeletal framework of the body is a difficult and sometimes time-consuming process. Ligaments and muscles must shift and realign themselves to fit the changes. This is a natural process, and cannot be hurried.

Everyone has a right to benefit from the best health care. Please feel free to tell others about your experience with chiropractic. Passing on good suggestions helps anyone, and you may very well help someone who has not been so fortunate in the quest for better health! Please visit us here on Facebook® !

Chiropractic Health Center, Tampa, Florida 813-621-3180Chiropractic Health Center, Tampa, Florida 813-621-3180

Chiropractic Health Center, Tampa, Florida 813-621-3180

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