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Automobile Injuries

Understanding what to do when an accident happens and what types of injuries can occur may save you time, money, and long term medical care, but a prompt physical examination is the best advice. Immediately see Dr. Ciccarello who will determine the extent of any injuries, and prescribe a treatment regimen to speed the healing process.

What can you expect when you go to the Chiropractic Health Center? The physical exam will include an assessment of your vital signs, range of motion, equilibrium, coordination, and posture. If our office has no previous health records, you will need to complete a medical history to put your current condition in proper perspective.

In some cases, diagnostic tests may be required, and may include a neuro-orthopedic exam, a chiropractic-spinal exam, and vascular and nerve condition tests. An x-ray of the cervical area would not be unusual. To ensure that no damage was done to the spinal cord, Dr. Ciccarello may also request an MRI, a more sophisticated radiographic imaging. The exam may seem comprehensive, but it’s important to remember that the physical exam may be your only basis for legal or medical claims.

Even if these injuries do not require hospitalization, they do require immediate attention. After the exam has been completed, test results examined, and prognosis determined, treatment can proceed. Your recovery will be a joint effort between you and your team at the Chiropractic Health Center.

At the Chiropractic Health Center you can expect a variety of treatment methods, including spinal manipulation or adjustment, electrotherapy, ultrasound, graded exercises, therapeutic muscle massage, use of a cervical collar or traction, or additional therapies.