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Back & Neck Cause Real Pain

It has been well documented that most low back and neck pain is the result of weakness or damage to the muscles of the lower back and neck.

But studies have shown that most activities and exercises do little, if anything, to strengthen these muscles. Published research at the University of Florida School of Medicine has shown the lumbar and cervical strength can only be increased through isolated exercise of muscles that extend the spine.

To address the problem of under exercised or injured muscles in the lumbar and cervical region, our Rehab Center has installed revolutionary new testing and exercise machines designed especially to rehabilitate patients that suffer with low back and neck pain.

The MedX® Lumbar Extension Machine is the first and only device to provide the isolation necessary to test and exercise spinal muscles. MedX® effectively anchors the hips and thighs, thereby eliminating pelvic rotation. This isolates the muscles of the low back to allow strengthening throughout the patient’s full range of motion.