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Manipulation-Under-Anesthesia (MUA)

What you should know about Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)

Chiropractic Health Center and Dr. Joseph Ciccarello is pleased to offer Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA). Contact Us Today For An Immediate Consultation!

The advances in chiropractic procedures have been tremendous in the past 40 years and MUAs have received broad acceptance as a safe and effective alternative to major back surgery. Today MUAs are being used in conjunction with conservative therapies by multiple disciplines and are recognized by most medical insurance companies as a covered treatment.

What Is The Actual Procedure?

MUA is not a surgical procedure. It is a highly advanced, state of the art technique that trained chiropractic physicians have perfected to reduce spinal and joint fixations with the assistance of the anesthesiologist. Medicine and Chiropractic working together for your benefit.

Why Is This Procedure Being Recommended?

Because of its high success rate and substantial cost savings. MUA is equal to 35 to 45 normal treatments making it the desirable way to achieve results in chronic and/or severe cases. MUA is emerging as the champion of chiropractic techniques for the relief of severe joint and spinal conditions.

MUAs are most effective in cases of bulged disc, herniated disc, frozen shoulder, frozen hip, severe chronic headaches, or patients who have a loss of range of motion in either their spine or extremities.