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MedX Lumbar and Cervical Extension

Precise engineering allows for evaluation and rehabilitation of weak or damaged muscles with complete safety, and with effectiveness and accuracy never before possible. The MedX® Lumbar and Cervical Extension Machines are equipped with the computer technology which provides documentation of important data. Throughout the treatment, functional measurements of strength and range of motion are monitored. In this way, increased capabilities become the yardstick for evaluating the patient’s progress!

The MedX® Lumbar Extension Machine is the first and only device to provide the isolation necessary to test and exercise spinal muscles. MedX® effectively anchors the hips and thighs, thereby eliminating pelvic rotation. This isolates the muscles of the low back to allow strengthening throughout the patient’s full range of motion.

For the first time, the patient is able to address the real cause of pain – functional weakness of the spinal muscles.

The results of this new therapy are remarkable:

  • MedX® can provide relief from more than 85% of all low back problems
  • Many patients achieve 100% gain in isometric strength in less than 12 weeks
  • Improvement of functional abilities
  • Prevention of chronic pain and reinjury

The obvious increases in function not only guide and motivate the patient during the rehabilitation process, but the computer generated data can provide physicians an objective means to document soft tissue injury as well as assistance in determining disability ratings.

Employers can also use MedX® for important pre-employment testing which will establish baseline data to guide any future rehabilitation efforts. Call for details!

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